lying-down-crop-webIn its early years, the choir sang exclusively medieval and early choral music, inspired by Elizabeth’s love of chant, motet, and madrigal. As Elizabeth says, “It’s very special, because the thing about that repertoire is that all the notes are sort of like a tapestry. They weave in and out of one another… And actually, the choir loves singing that more than anything!” (Focus Magazine, December 2010)

Ensemble Laude’s current repertoire has now expanded to include world and modern music, especially when it is of a modal nature or medieval in theme. Our strength is in the presentation of delicate transparent pieces, rather than standard classical compositions. We sing music from many lands, eras, and genres and we enjoy singing anything that is beautiful, that transforms us.

Ensemble Laude frequently invites talented instrumentalists to perform with us and, from time to time, we share the stage with a few male voices, adding texture and breadth to our vocal fabric.


Inspirata … inspiration, the breath of life, the muse. On our first CD, released December 2011, we sing the songs that inspire us, transport us and bring us more fully alive. From the 10th to the 21st century, from Persia to Japan, we hope this music will also inspire you. Click here for more information, including ordering details, about this exciting project!

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Photo Credit: Ute Muller © 2014