This season is amping up to be spectacular!  We have over 50 beautiful singers, repertoire that director Elizabeth MacIsaac has sourced from 3 countries, and heart, soul and enthusiasm! Spellbound…the very word conjures up images of fascination, imagination, enchantment. This December, Ensemble Laude will enrapture its listeners with songs of beauty and magic from the […]

From Thoronet, we travelled to Aix-en-Provence, the ancient city of fountains!  We were thrilled to sing in the Aix Cathedral, Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur, as it is so beautiful and the oldest cathedral in France!  According to tradition, the original chapel was built by St Maximinius, accompanied by Mary Magdalene herself, in the first century.  Later construction around […]

  Our pieces on the upcoming Caravan concert are so diverse, it is truly as though the listener were coming on a journey with us. And who better to travel with than a bevy of loud, passionate and fun women? Not only are we journeyers, we are singers of songs and tellers of tales! Even our […]