Audition Information

Auditions are now open for Lumina Treble Youth Choir! Please email to sign up for an audition time and to receive links to sheet music, learning tracks, and this fillable information form. We can’t wait to meet you!


20 minutes, in person

Warm Up
You’ll be led through a warm up to determine your range and vocal independence. You will be asked to echo some short melodies to determine how well you learn by ear.

Sing a Song of Your Choosing
Please come prepared to sing a short passage from a song of your choosing. This will be sung a cappella (without any instruments). Be sure to prepare a song that showcases your voice – try to sing something that has a clear melody. Pop songs are tricky, often they include repeated notes or are very low in range. If you’re not sure what to sing, reach out for a suggestion!

Sing the Provided Song
Learn one of the two voice parts in the supplied music. You will be provided with sheet music and learning tracks when you sign up for your audition. In the audition, you will be asked to sing this along with the other voice part to demonstrate how well you are able to learn music independently and whether you can maintain your part when another voice is singing the other part.

Learn a New Song
You will be given a new song to learn in the audition. You will be taught a short section and then asked to sing it along with the auditioner and independently. This will demonstrate how you learn music in rehearsal. You will be guided through the song with support.

Complete a Short Music Theory Sheet
Music reading is an asset, but is not required. Great singers come from all sorts of backgrounds and bring a variety of strengths to the ensemble. This will help us determine where you are in your growth as a musician. It will ask some questions about reading a choral score, note naming, and some basic terminology. A positive attitude, willingness to learn and grow, and contributing to our community of singers are also significant strengths that are valued in our ensemble.

Practice singing out loud by yourself and in front of trusted friends and family. It’s natural to feel nervous when performing in front of someone, so the more practice you have singing in front of others, the less nervous you will feel. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!