This season is amping up to be spectacular!  We have over 50 beautiful singers, repertoire that director Elizabeth MacIsaac has sourced from 3 countries, and heart, soul and enthusiasm!

Illustration by Jane Ray from Classic Fairy Tales published by Walker Books

Spellbound…the very word conjures up images of fascination, imagination, enchantment. This December, Ensemble Laude will enrapture its listeners with songs of beauty and magic from the far north, Canada and back through time to the Middle Ages.  Spellbound will be a musical braid woven from mediaeval, nordic and Canadian pieces.

In December, first is our Champagne Tea boutique concert, a unique event offering refreshments and special performances, at the beautiful Baumann Centre.

Los Sept Goyts, Laudanda Virginitas and Le Pommier Doux are followed by songs from the far north including Eatnemen Vuelie from Finland, Siin Roomumaa from Estonia and Luiged Laevad (The Swans Go) by Part Uusberg.  Only in Sleep by Latvian Eriks Esenvalds sends the heart back to the warm glow of childhood memories. 

Also featured are pieces from our native Canada such as commissions from Sarah Quartel and Kathleen Allen; Rise up My Love by Eleanor Daley and and an arrangement of  Maria Durch Ein Dornwald Ging by Victoria’s Douglas Hensley.  Love is Lord of All is the most lovely setting of the traditional Irish song, arranged by Denis Donnelly, also of Victoria.

As an audience member once said, “To hear Ensemble Laude is to be spirited away…” Come be spirited away, enchanted and spellbound this December with Ensemble Laude!



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