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IInspirata CD by Ensemble Laudenspirata . . . inspiration, the breath of life, the muse.

On our first CD, released in December 2011, we sing the songs that inspire us, transport us, and bring us more fully alive.
From the 10th to the 21st century, from Persia to Japan, we hope this music will also inspire you.
CDs are $20 each plus shipping, and we can ship to both Canada and the US. Order here.


1. From Behind the Caravan: Songs of Hafez. Abbie Betinis, USA
2. Shen Khar Venakhi. 12th century, Georgia
3. Kaipaava. Traditional, Finland
4. Esto Les Digo. Kinley Lange, USA
5. Cantus Omnibus Unus. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Japan
6. Missa Brevis. Eleanor Daley, Canada
7. Agnus Dei. 14th century, Italy
8. O Magne Pater. Hildegard von Bingen, 12th century, Germany
9. Nicolai Solempnia. 14th century, Italy
10. Aetas Carmen Melodiae. 16th century, Sweden/Finland
11. Stella Maris Nuncaparis. 14th century, England
12. Ubi aritas. Ola Gjello, USA/Norway
13. Nicolaus Pontifex. 13th century, Italy
14. Gaudeat Ecclesia. 13th century, Italy
15. Ave Maris Stella. 16th century, Sweden
16. Faith is the Bird. Elizabeth Alexander, USA