Riser Rental

Ensemble Laude Has Choral Risers For Rent

Staging Canadell Choral Risers treads are a full 21” deep – that’s 3 full inches deeper than industry standards.
Singers will have room to hold their sheet music properly and even have space to perform a little
choreography. We have 7 sections available, each 4’ long. All the sections have railings for the back. One of
our sections is straight and 6 have an arc. They can be put together in any possible configuration (1-7 with or
without the straight one in the middle). The treads are 21” deep which is 3” more than the industry standard.
They go together very quickly and easily and can be wheeled when they are collapsed. Once set up they are
strong enough for choreography. They are light and can be easily carried by 2 people or wheeled by 1. We
have been able to get 4 sections in the back of a pickup with a 6’ bed. One riser section can fit into any car that
can fold down the back seat, 4 sections will fit in a pick up and 6 sections will fit in a panel van. Here is a link for further information.

Rental Fee

Rental fee is $50/section with a minimum fee of $200 per 2 day rental. All 7 sections are available for a fee of
$350 per 2 day rental. A refundable damage deposit of $500 is required. Please contact our Rental Coordinator at risers@ensemblelaude.org for a copy of our Rental Agreement.

Set up and take down is as easy as 1 2 3!

No other collapsible, folding choral riser is this easy to set up! Singers, volunteers, and students can, and often do help set up Staging Canadell Risers.
Choral Riser Set Up :

  1. Roll riser to desired location
  2. Unfold legs of top tier, lock into place and unfold top tier
  3. Unfold legs of bottom tier, lock into place and unfold bottom tier

Risers stack and nest for convenient, compact storage.


From: http://www.stagingcanadell.com/choral-risers-specifications/

  • 200 lb/sq. ft. load rating
  • Folds out in seconds and is designed for one person to easily set up, fold and roll away for storage
  • 21” step depth providing added comfort and safety
  • Solid, lightweight construction with 3/4” plywood deck and 3” deep anodized aluminum frame that wraps the deck top and bottom to protect surfacing
  • Legs are steel powder coated black and have roll away casters that engage after folding and lifting at one end
  • Straight and Tapered Risers can be used together to create a variety of configurations
  • Optional back rail
  • Available in standard Grey Carpet Top

Riser size

  • 4’ Straight
  • 4’ Tapered
  • Straight and Tapered Risers can be used in combination.

Client Testimonials

“Then we performed on your risers.  What a difference it made and what fun!  Our show this spring is pretty lively and our singers like to move.  These risers were so rock solid that we had people going “over the top” on their moves and the risers did not even budge!  Our singers kept commenting on how deep the riser treads were… Our director… told me that this riser system will make us a better choir because the singers have more confidence on these risers”

Dave Klosterman, Conchords Chorale, Tualatin, OR