2020 has been stressful in so many ways and for choir singers, choir is our happy place.  Just when we most need to gather together to SING, we can’t! We miss our choir buddies!  We all have family friends, work friends… and our choir friends! We are used to checking in with each other once […]

Tonight I sat at the back of a church hall in Victoria, listening to the weekly rehearsal of a 50-voice women’s choir, Ensemble Laude. I’ve heard them in concert many times over the years. Every single time I am inspired and moved to tears by their impeccable and soulful renditions of songs ranging from medieval […]

A choir singing together can be one of the most powerful and uplifting sounds in the world – something about a group singing in harmony makes the spirit soar!   A choir is a remarkable combination of the collective and individual. Obviously, it is a group enterprise, but at the same time, the group could […]